The Boston Globe says, “If you don’t already own a home in Massachusetts, it may be too late.” That’s just not true!

From Canton Co-operative Bank Vice-President/Senior Loan Officer Anabela Vargas: This past summer, the Boston Globe reported a story they said would come “to the dismay of many would-be buyers” of homes in Massachusetts.

The Globe article implied it could be very difficult – if not impossible! – for first-time homebuyers to buy a home here.

I was very disappointed in the Globe and their headline (above). To me, that headline was not only clickbait but it was irresponsible and inaccurate clickbait. It was the kind of thing that could sadly become a self-fulfilling prophecy for someone who believed it. It just made me really mad!

First-time homebuyers are finding and buying houses in Massachusetts all the time. In fact, with 2-bedroom rentals in Norfolk County regularly going for $2200 a month and more, at Canton Co-operative we are seeing many first-time buyers who specifically set out to buy a home so they can be paying off their own mortgage instead of a landlord’s.

If it’s your dream or part of your financial plan to own a home here, please don’t let clickbait headlines or downbeat reporting keep you from working to make it happen.

Call me at 781-828-8811 x37 or send me an email and we can make an appointment to sit down and talk about your situation.

Canton Co-operative Bank also holds free twice-a-year HomeBuyer Info Sessions where homebuyers have the opportunity to get practical answers and clear information from local lending, real estate and legal professionals …. people who actually help buyers successfully purchase homes in this area year in and year out. You are welcome to attend – register online at

Canton Co-operative Bank has been Canton’s hometown bank since 1891 and is rated “5-Star for Strength & Stability” as “one of the strongest banks in the country,” according to bank-rating service BauerFinancial of Coral Gables, Florida. All deposits are insured by the FDIC and the Share Insurance Fund (SIF). The phone number is 781-828-8811. 

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As an example:
Presuming a Rate of 3.88% and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 3.92% as of 10/16/19 on a 1-4 family owner-occupied home with 20% down. A 30-Year loan would be repaid in 360 equal monthly payments of $4.70 per $1000 borrowed, which do not include taxes or insurance premiums. So your actual monthly payment will be greater. Rate/APR shown assumes various factors including an excellent credit history. Your Rate/APR may be different than displayed here. Canton Co-operative Bank – NMLS #721437 Anabela Vargas – NMLS #582849 – Falo Português.


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