“Dad … why do you still bank there?

One of our employees here at Canton Co-operative recently went with her father to the Big Bank where he has a home equity line to ask some questions about his account because what she was seeing on his statements didn’t make sense.

“I work at a bank, so I know how things are,” she said. “And I know how we treat customers at Canton Co-operative.” What she heard from the customer service representative at the Big Bank made her really mad.

“They could not give my father basic information like the rate he was paying,” she said. When they asked for current rates so her father could consider refinancing his equity line, they were told: “I can’t give you that information either. I’ll have to send a request to the mortgage department and they’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.” (Her father finally heard from them a week later.)

Which means there was no one at the Big Bank branch who could answer a simple refinance question. The mortgage department was somewhere else. And only reachable by email. Not by phone from one of their own branches. Wow!

“I told my father, ‘Let’s go,’” she said. “And I was so just annoyed when we left the Big Bank. My father doesn’t know that they should be able to answer his questions. He thinks the way the Big Bank does things is ‘the norm.’ But it’s not and I realized that maybe other people don’t know that either.”

Customers should be important to all banks but the fact is that some banks are much better at taking care of customers than others.

At Canton Co-operative, taking good care of customers is what we’re all about. Our people are very good at working together to get immediate answers to customers’ questions. They don’t have to “send an email to Headquarters.” Because “Headquarters” and the whole team is right here. From comments and letters and emails we get, people absolutely recognize and appreciate the difference.

If you’re with a bank where you can’t easily get answers to your questions and you’re getting frustrated, come see us and we’ll be happy to see if we can be of any assistance.

Sure, we’d love to have you move your accounts here if you like. We can certainly help you understand what you have a right to expect from any bank you’re doing business with. Because when it comes to banking, you do have a choice and a right to be with a bank you know, like and trust. There is a difference!

Canton Co-operative – a bank customers like, a bank you can trust – since 1891.
Canton Co-operative Bank is located in downtown Canton at 671 Washington Street, Canton, MA 02021.
The main phone number is 781-828-8811.
NMLS #721437

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