Connections Checking … not just for college kids!

Since its introduction in 2015, Connections Checking has quickly become one of the most popular accounts Canton Co-operative has ever offered.

Originally we designed Connections Checking to help young people ages 15-24 learn how to manage a checking account by actually managing one.

Right away, we noticed that Connections Checking was very popular with college students and their parents. The college students really liked the free access to ATMs nationwide (including at college), the unlimited surcharge rebates and the free Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Their parents loved being able to get money to their college student quickly via this joint account. It was a big plus having the Canton Co-operative ‘hometown bank’ connection and not having to deal with college-town banks with their high fees and surcharges.

The fact is that Connections Checking is also great for high school students who want to take the adult step of having a checking account and learning things like how to use a debit card and how to balance an account.

And since most employers pay by Direct Deposit, Connections Checking is also perfect for any young person with a part-time job or taking a different path from college.

After age 24, Connections Checking transitions into a Canton Co-operative free checking account with the young person having the option to become the sole owner of the account.

Connections Checking really is a checking account that a young person can learn with now and then keep for the rest of their lives. Like to know more? Come see us or call 781-828-8811 x5.

Canton Co-operative Bank is located in downtown Canton at 671 Washington Street, Canton, MA 02021.
The main phone number is 781-828-8811.

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