Something wonderful you probably didn’t know about: Bela Vasconcelos

It’s funny how you can know someone for quite a while and still be surprised to learn about something special in their past that brought them to Where They Are Today.

In 2001, Anabela (Bela) Vasconcelos was at Bridgewater State College. She also worked part-time as a teller at a local bank branch.

One day, a commercial lender in the branch discovered that Bela was the one leaving The Wall Street Journal in the break room.

“Why do you read this?” he asked her. Bela told him she was a college student working toward a degree in accounting & finance.

Apparently, the lender was impressed and two months later Bela was offered a full-time job as a loan processor by that bank’s vice-president of lending.

Bela took the job, finishing college at night.

A few years later, a recruiter told Bela about an opportunity at a local bank that was searching for a lender just like her, someone truly dedicated to working with borrowers one-to-one and helping to educate them so they got loans they were absolutely delighted with. It was Canton Co-operative Bank.

Bela joined Canton Co-operative as the Director of Residential Lending in 2012. She was promoted to Assistant Vice-President/Director of Residential Lending in 2015. And the rest is history.

“I am so glad I was reading The Wall Street Journal that day,” Bela said. “That was certainly a turning point in my career. It brought me to Canton Co-operative Bank – a bank I truly love. And I get to do work I love. Being a resource for our borrowers. Making a difference for them. Helping our customers build their wealth by buying property and achieving their own individual dreams.”

Bela Vasconcelos (NMLS #582849) can be reached at 781-828-8811 x37.

Canton Co-operative Bank is located in downtown Canton at 671 Washington Street, Canton, MA 02021. The main phone number is 781-828-8811.

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